Surgical Aftercare

For patients coming from out of town or out of the country, we do contract with a local nursing care provider to help in your post operative recovery should you require it.  If you are unable to have a friend or family member care for you immediately post operatively or wish to have skilled nursing assistance after surgery, we have had excellent experience with Cambrian Homecare (562-498-1800).

Care through Cambrian Homecare is not covered in the cost of your surgery and would be an additional fee directly billed to you. Please contact our office for more info.

Another possibility that we offer to our patients coming from out of town is arranging for a post operative stay in the hospital so that you can have skilled nursing care and the security of 24hour care while you are away from home.  After the completion of your surgery, we will arrange for transportation to the main hospital building for after care.  We currently have an arrangement with St. Mary’s Medical Center of Long Beach to offer post operative care for as long as you may need after your operation.  The cost per night of care is $1800 as a base price.  Should more extensive care be required, the price may vary.  Should you be interested in this option, please call our office at 562-595-8507 for more information.